A brand that attracts employees?

As many as 30% of companies find it difficult to find competent and qualified programmers.

This data shows that assembling an IT team that would match our business goals is becoming more and more difficult and that it is a demanding process.

The employer’s brand is important. We will help you build an effective Employer Branding Strategy that will distinguish you from other companies on the market.

Our employer branding activities

will make your company the only and unique place to develop your passion and competence in the eyes of candidates and employees.

Standard activities in the remote work model do not work.
Employers’ competitiveness has increased.


What do potential employees pay attention to?

What does your career section look like? Can a potential candidate see with who they will be working with?

How do you present development opportunities for a potential employee?

Does your brand have a human face? Can you build a cool and supportive working atmosphere in the remote work model?

We are happy to help you build a strong and attractive employer brand.

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