LEAD GENERATION - sales support

We will help you acquire B2B customers

Our task is to arrange for you and verify the process of reaching a defined target group, its interest in your product and providing sales leads.

Start filling your sales funnel

How do we cooperate?

In the first stage, we get to know your product, target group and the person you want to talk to. Thanks to that, we will be able to propose the most effective channels of reaching a new client and creating appropriate communication for your product.
During the campaign, we analyze the data on an ongoing basis, thanks to which you will know exactly how the actions you have taken translate into meetings. This will allow you to properly plan the sales funnel and predict sales, depending on the number of meetings.
At each stage, you receive a report with a numerical summary, conclusions and recommendations for further actions.


We target B2B campaigns to:

manufacturing companies

corporations (including BPO, SSC)

IT companies

public institutions

financial institutions (banks, investment funds)

We talk about your product with decision-makers in:

Campaign process

Developing communication, preparing a script and creating processes

email or telephone contact with a potential client a follow-up with all contacted companies

arranging a phone call or meeting and transferring contact data a conversation with the client

preparing an offer signing a contract

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