An Effective Marketing Strategy is an introduction to our transformative collaboration.

We want to set the direction of your company’s development based on data and analysis.


Usability of your website
We will check if your website sells your services or products well. Using analytical tools, we will verify how users behave on your website. Simple?


Visibility in Google searches
Regardless of whether you have already conducted activities aimed at effective positioning in the Google search engine, or you are just starting to think about SEO, we will first check your current position. The next step is to prepare an Improvement Plan and SEO Strategy that will increase your visibility in the Google search engine.


Social Media
We will verify your current activities in Social Media and conduct marketing campaigns. We will look for new solutions and implement new ideas.

You don't know if your offer is attractive to the client? You don't know who your customers are or what their needs are?

We will organize an online strategy workshop to develop your clients’ profiles and your competitive advantages.

Creation of the Brand Promise - USP

After a detailed analysis of your company, competitors' activities and the needs of your customers, we develop effective messages that will make you stand out in the market


Together, we prepare a detailed description of your clients to select the best communication channels and tools to reach your target group. TOGETHER we work out what is most important to them when cooperating with your company.

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